About Us

The Design and Construction Network (DCN) is a group of industry leaders that are serious about building real business relationships. Want to be apart of a group that is changing the way we do business? Join Now.

What We Do
We connect with others in the local industry, we discuss through posted questions, we share information, we help each other succeed, and we host networking events. (Ok, so the Networking Events might be what most people know us for). The important thing in all of this is that we are building relationships that build success, both personally and professionally.

What We Don’t Do
Successful networking comes down to relationships, not “links.” As a result the members of the Network do not simply collect business cards to stack on our desks. In the same way, we do not link to others on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for the sake of having a bunch of links. We know that the internet is only one of many networking tools should be used everyday to succeed at networking.

Membership in the Network is free to Design and Construction professionals. If you would like to join the Network all we ask is that you are in the Design and Construction industry and that you are serious about doing more than just “linking” to other people. Join Now.